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5 Benefits Of Having A Private Tutor For Your Child

Do they need a little extra help?


Private tutoring can hugely benefit your child, but sometimes the rewards aren't made clear to parents. Taking on a private tutor can be a big decision for the whole family ...

A private tutor can help your child learn at a pace that's right for them!

A private tutor can help your child learn at a pace that's right for them!

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That's why, here at Extra Help Tuition, we want to explain in more detail how having a private tutor for your child can benefit them.

"How can you tell if your child needs
a private tutor?"

Before we look at how your child can benefit from having a private tutor, it's always a good idea to recognise the signs that your child may be struggling and need some extra help.

  • They are falling behind in class

  • Their grades are falling or lower than predicted

  • They are not achieving their potential

  • They are not coping with the amount of homework they get

  • They are losing interest in school

  • They are avoiding homework

  • They feel stressed about exams or assessments

  • They are struggling with specific aspects of learning such as reading or writing

These may be just some of the signs that your child could do with some extra help. It's also important to remember that any child with any ability can benefit from having a private tutor.

So how can my child benefit from a personal tutor?

  1. A tutor can work at a child's pace

    One of the most significant benefits of having a private tutor is that children can work at the pace that's right for them. Sometimes lessons may go too quickly, and children may feel unable to ask the teacher to go over it again. By having a private tutor, children have every opportunity to take subjects a little slower and ask all the questions they need to.

  2. Private tutors provide one-on-one attention to your child

    With today's growing class sizes, children are often in a class of around 25-30 other pupils. This can make it difficult for teachers to provide the individual attention that your child needs, as there are too many students and not enough time to allow one-on-one learning. This can often result in children feeling like they aren't getting enough help, which is where a private tutor works very well.

    They become your child's own private teacher who doesn't have to worry about 29 other kids in the class. They are available to answer your child's questions at any time and go through topics twice, or as many times as needed, if it doesn't make sense. In addition, tutors also get to know your child's individual learning style and adapt teaching methods based on this.

  3. Tutors can work on learning obstacles

    Often the main reason why children are struggling and need a private tutor is that they are finding some aspects of the of the curriculum hard. This can be anything from phonics, reading and writing, to fractions, number or equations. Private tutors help children to overcome these obstacles in their own time.

  4. Having a tutor is flexible and convenient

    Having a private tutor is fantastic as it's flexible, which works particularly well if you and your family have a busy schedule. You can decide how often you want your child's tutoring sessions to be, changing them if you need to.

    For example, your child may usually have one session a week, but perhaps need two a week before an exam or assessment. Tutors can be extremely flexible and provide tutoring sessions in your own home.

  5. A tutor can help your child have goals and dreams

    When children are at school there often isn't as much of a focus as there should be on creating goals and dreams. Having a private tutor can really change this, as it's their aim to help your child set goals and, more importantly, assist in achieving them.

Having a tutor for your child can give them much more than academic help, it can give them a boost of confidence that helps them achieve more.

"Would you like to know more?"

For more details on finding a tutor for your child contact me at Extra Help Tuition on 07507 774208 or click here to send an email enquiry and I'll be in touch.

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