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A Beautiful Poem From Dignity Action Day

This is one of many ...


Following on from last week's blog post about Dignity in Care this Wednesday 1st February is Dignity Action Day. I thought I'd share a poem I found on the Dignity in Care website ...

Dignity Action Day means a truly memorable day for people who use care services!

Dignity Action Day means a truly memorable day for people who use care services!

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It's called "I'm Here ..." by Louise Appleton from Hartlepool. It's a poem about Dignity in Care for the person that matters.

I am still a person although my actions and words may not make sense,

It's just some thing's seem complicated to me, doesn't mean that I'm stupid or dense,

I ask you don't treat me as another number a person in care,

I'm a person who needs to be treated with respect and dignity that's fair,

I am frightened and confused and not sure what's going on,

So please don't assume that my faculties have gone,

There are times when I can recognise special people and their faces,

And remember special thoughts and memories of times and places,

I need your help, your care and complete reassurance,

To know that I can spend the rest of my days happy getting through this,

I was like you once, you know, and wish I was still today,

But unfortunately life has dealt the cards and I've ended up this way,

So please understand I'm not stupid, nor a child or mad,

I'm just a person who is confused, frustrated and sad,

And so I am asking please be there for me and make me smile,

Make the rest of my life happy, special and worth while.

I really hope you enjoyed the poem by Louise Appleton and you can find many more poems on the Dignity in Care website.

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