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Claire Harris

All About A Real Life Extra Help Client

And how we helped him ...

Posted on: 12/06/2014   By: Claire Harris

Simon got in touch on 23rd December 2013. A call came through to our office and he needed some help urgently. I called back straight away to see what we could do for him. It was just two days before Christmas after all ...

All About A Real Life Extra Help Client

I had just spent that day racing around trying to sort out another client who was going to be alone at Christmas. No one should be alone at Christmas, but thankfully a few phone calls later and some company was organised!

So what help did Simon need? Well, I went to visit him for an assessment, which we do with every new client. This helps us to understand their needs first and match our services to them.

Simon was in his fifties, had suffered from two strokes, leaving his left side weak and with limited movement. He had several complex medical issues, was in a motorised chair, and needed live in care. So why did Simon call us? It seemed like he had everything already arranged?

Simon and I talked for about two hours on that first visit, about what his life had been like in the last ten years since his stroke and how it had changed his life. Before getting ill, he worked as a business coach (amongst other things) for some well recognised companies, holidayed abroad several times a year and really enjoyed his life.

Now, Simon's life consists of round the clock specialist care, endless hospital appointments, therapy appointments and visits from health care professionals on a daily basis.

"Two strokes - which could happen to any of us at any time - changed this vibrant man's life forever!"

Simon told me at that first meeting he was depressed, lost, overwhelmed, unmotivated, living a life but not really living it the way he wanted. So we started work with Simon straight away. I understood he wanted to declutter and organise his house which had become messy. "Right ok!" I thought, "I know just the person to help with that". Julie started the very next day; yes, Christmas Eve!

What else was Simon looking to gain from our services? Help with going out to places, like shopping and to meetings with his Stroke group. "And I know someone who would be great for the social side too" I mused.

I advised Simon to take our services but share it between two ladies. One who is super organised and another who is very good at bringing people out of themselves. It's worked a treat!

We have been working with Simon for five months now. We've organised every room in the house, helped him declutter and everything in the house now has its place. We have helped Simon buy some new furniture and taken him out to numerous social events, which have made him feel more confident about leaving the house.

I spoke with Simon again a month ago to see how he feels about his life now. Here's a great testimonial from him:

"I feel Claire has real empathy with her clients. She sees beneath the surface of what a client is asking for to what they really want. In my opinion, Claire is a visionary; knowing the end result before anything has been done. She's given me back my life! I now feel like there is nothing I cannot achieve and I'm in charge of my life again; I am a man again, someone who can feel proud of his home. The energy Julie and Sophie bring to my life is so invigorating, I'm happy to be alive again!"

Is this really a job? Being able to make such a difference in someone's life? No, it's who I am. I want to make a difference to everyone's life I come across, whether it be to the extent I have with Simon, or just helping someone across the road.

"Helping people is a part of me, it isn't just a job. It's who I am!"

If you think you could benefit from any of our services, or know someone who is struggling, then please do get in touch. Call me on 0845 219 8976 for services in Milton Keynes and Buckingham or visit our website to find out which other areas we cover.

Until next time ...



Of course, the names have been changed to protect the identity of both our client and helpers.

More about Claire Harris ...


I have been working with Extra Help from the very beginning, firstly as a home helper working with clients in their own home, then as a client co coordinator, speaking to clients to find out what their needs are. When the opportunity arose I bought the Buckingham franchise and now own two franchises Buckingham and Milton Keynes. I really do know this business inside out and with having a family and a business to run I couldn't be without the service myself.


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