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Extra Help Doncaster: Being Alone At Christmas

Christmas is about love and family ...


I am the kind of person that waits all year for Christmas. At the age of 42, I still marinate myself in festive cheer and the whole magic of Christmas ...

At Extra Help Doncaster, we know that many of our clients are alone at Christmas!

At Extra Help Doncaster, we know that many of our clients are alone at Christmas!

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My tree goes up in November, I have started buying gifts and even had a sneaky watch of The Grinch with the kids. To me there is so much to love about Christmas.

"Despite the gift exchange, decking the halls and food fit for a king, I realise Christmas is about something else!"

The Grinch even recognised that "Christmas didn’t come from a store and, in fact, it meant a little bit more". To me, Christmas is about love and family and a bit of indulgence.

A chance for families and friends to get together and to essentially indulge in each other's company and to take time to relax from a busy year or celebrate the year they’ve had.

There seems to be a natural winding down of the end of the year. I often feel that people are intrinsically happier at Christmas, kinder and more positive.

"However, this is my version of Christmas. Sadly, not everyone’s is joyous and lit with fairy lights!"

Christmas tradition and experiences instil a belief and expectation into us about what Christmas is meant to be like. I just cannot imagine being alone at Christmas, waking up alone, spending the day alone, but so many people do.

Many of Extra Help Doncaster's clients are elderly. Some of them may not have the privileges of a family Christmas. Thankfully, Extra Help Doncaster has lots of helpers who can spare time out of their day to make Christmas easier for our clients. We can assist with meal preparation, and we can be there, so our clients are not alone at Christmas.

"Would you like to know more?"

If you want to find out about any of our services, please do get in touch with us on 01302 798566 or click here to ping us an email and let's see how we can help you.

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Hi I'm Sarah and I own and run Extra Help Doncaster. I am passionate about helping people especially the more vulnerable people in our society to remain independent in their own homes. The beauty of Extra Help is that we can help anyone from busy professionals to elderly people. We offer tailor made packages to suit everyone and are only a phone call away offer that much needed extra help.


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