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Claire Robinson

Welcome To Our New Franchisees

Their training starts today ...

Posted on: 23/01/2014   By: Claire Robinson

Today is the first day of our new franchisees initial training. We have three new franchisees for January - Bedfordshire Central, North Kent and Tyne Valley. It's always exciting on the first day of training as the franchisees have been actively marketing and researching their areas for over a month before training, now they put what they have learned directly into the business ...

The Extra Help franchisee network is growing all the time and today is the first day of training for three new ones!

The Extra Help franchisee network is growing all the time and today is the first day of training for three new ones!

For some, it's the big leap into self employment from being employed for years. That could be quite scary, but the feelings are eased with our accountant being at the training session and answering questions.

Also, being self-employed can be a lonely road and that's why franchising is great as each franchisees meets with us every three months and communicates daily on our private group forum.

Self-employment is not for everyone as you need to be very disciplined. Having no boss to govern your work hours can make some slip into procrastination and if you work from home it's very easy to get caught up in family matters during your working day. Having a strict timetable - and sticking to it - is very important!

Tomorrow, our new franchisees will finish their initial training and be on their way to their new careers. At the end of the day, they will be loading their cars with all the tools they need to run the business and, of course, the biggest tool they have is themselves!

Their passion for what they are doing will shine through to their clients, helpers and cleaners alike. Building a business is such a rewarding feeling - it's not just about the money, it's also the great feeling that you get having helped someone and, in some client's cases, it means they get to stay at home longer.

As Franchisors, Claire and I are very proud of the business we have built and our passion does shine through. Looking at the business as a whole, the rewarding feelings run right the way through everything.

Self-employed helpers and cleaners need jobs so we are finding work for them which they are happy with which lets us lower the levels of people out of work. Then we have the clients, who also have needs and by us finding people for them it changes their lives for the better. Then we have the franchisees, helping them to run their own business, be their own boss with the support of a proven franchising system. It really is rewarding on every level!

We are always looking for new franchisees to join us, but they must be the right people with a passion to help others! If you are interested in knowing more call us on 0845 618 2904. Our next training session for new franchisees is March, so be quick before someone takes your area!

Until next time ...


More about Claire Robinson ...

Claire is a serial entrepreneur having successfully established a networking group, a magazine advertising company and a building contracting company over the past few years.

Now living in Cornwall and handling Extra Help operations countrywide, Claire has a passion for business and is determined to grow Extra Help into a nationwide brand.


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